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Huntsman Springs extends its marketing reach


Even if you don’t live on the coast, it’s easy to understand how a rising tide lifts all boats. This economic aphorism can be easily applied to resort mountain towns as well, especially when that rising tide is an aggressive marketing campaign by one of Teton Valley’s biggest developments.Huntsman Springs recently announced changes to its marketing strategy that will likely benefit the entire valley, all the way from the Grand Targhee Resort to Driggs and Victor.

“We feel that now is a good time to invest our marketing dollars. We believe the market has strengthened to the point where we can have realistic expectations of getting a good return on those dollars,” said David Huntsman, Principal of Huntsman Springs. “We are ready to move forward in a more aggressive way to tell our story to an expanded audience, both nationally and internationally.”

Huntsman Springs has expanded its reach from a sales and marketing standpoint by hiring Panorama International, Inc. Specializing in the resort and hospitality development industry with capabilities in tourism and residential development, Panorama has, in turn, hired the Florida-based David Pearson Associates to develop new marketing strategies for Huntsman Springs.

“Panorama has done the demographic studies to help determine where people come from that buy real estate in Teton Valley,” said David Pearson. “With that information, we are helping Huntsman Springs develop more products, including a wider range of prices for residential opportunites, both larger and smaller.”

After receiving dozens of accolades among industry magazines for its world-class golf course, it became apparent that Huntsman Springs needed to bill itself as a full-time family vacation community.

“The theory that if you build it they will come is not necessarily true in the case of Huntsman Springs,” Pearson said. “And while we’re not going to be rebranding the development, we will be doing more than promoting its spectacular golf course.”

In addition to a more affordable residential aspect of Huntsman Springs that will connect the development to the rest of Driggs, Pearson said hundreds of new jobs will be created with the construction of a hotel at Huntsman Springs, as well as retail shops, restaurants and a commercial center.

“Smaller homes closer to Driggs will be incorporated into the development, relating to Driggs as much as they do to Huntsman Springs,” Pearson said. “The hotel and retail aspects of the development will create hundreds of new jobs.”

Pearson said more detailed plans for these new products at Huntsman Springs will be made public by the spring.

“The focus will still be on making Huntsman Springs a family-oriented, outdoor community, sort of the opposite of Las Vegas,” Pearson said.

Along with shifting its marketing responsibilities to Panorama and David Pearson Associates, Huntsman announced that Julie Bryan has been appointed the development’s director of sales. Working with Sotheby’s International Realty, which is also owned by the Huntsman’s, Bryan expressed enthusiasm to be part of the development’s new campaign.

“Now that the economy has turned the corner, I am thrilled to be connected with Hunstman Springs, clearly the best of the best in the west,” Bryan said in news release last week.

While profits from Huntsman Springs have always gone toward cancer research, Pearson said that aspect of the development will be brought to the forefront in this new marketing campaign. Additionally, new strategies plan to use local media to get the story of Huntsman Springs to visitors throughout the region who have already found the Rocky Mountains, but maybe not Teton Valley just yet.

November 27, 2013
By Hope Strong

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